Friday, May 13, 2011

My middle child...

Oh, my middle child. I missed getting to blog about Cade on his birthday last month when he turned 7, but better late than never. Out of my three boys, Cade brings me the most joy and the most frustrations. He is passionate, dedicated, stubborn, loving, creative, thoughtful, brilliant, athletic, impatient and very huggable. As I think back, he has matured a lot over the past year, and has tamed his emotional outbursts. I don't know where he got those from. He also used to be very dissatisfied with himself and would get really angry at himself when he messed up something. I guess he's a perfectionist in some ways. But that has been tamed too. He's a leader, but not dominating. If you don't follow him, its ok. He's a good friend to all, but doesn't have a best friend. He's the reason we have a bigger gap between child 2 and 3, but there are days that he and Campbell are best buds even though they are 4 years apart. He's a great big and little brother. I am so thankful for his heart for the Lord, even though he's not a believer yet. I can't wait to see how on fire he is once he really understands God's grace. So to celebrate him, here is a baby picture of him and here is a copy of some things he has been writing lately. He is quite the author!

He wrote this in church a few months ago.
To: God From: Cade
You are great, love, truth, hope, nice and good. You help the weak and strong. You are good to all. You love evryone with all your heart.

These are poems he has written lately.

The Would, Just is Great
On the would thar is... Beutiful evrything. Thars tropicel rain trees, a home for you and me, a big blue sky and a big yellow sun. Things to have that are speshle. Other things are pools, parks, bikes, and a spechuly frends. Books, food, drinks, school, mom, dad, brother, baby and mybe a sister. Someone that loves you, someone that feeds you, and keeps you helthy. This would is just great!!!

(I don't know where he got the sister thing from. He's going to have to pray A LOT harder than that!)

Beutiful, Beutiful, Me
Beutiful, Beutiful, Me. I have dark brown and black eyes. Very black hare. Very small endeed. But you can guess that I am fast. What a beutiful, beutiful me!!

Beutiful All Arond Me
Thar is a loshan on my skin. A big wonderful tree right next to me. Soled snow, white as sheep. The sun has big yellow rays. A comforting house, black and white. A smelling rose, very red. Some dark brown hot coco for the winter. A good family to have. What beutiful things in my life!

This one is hot off the presses, tonight.
Baseball is my Game
Bat, ball, and enything at all!!!
Glove, out, what are you talking about!!!
Hit, swing, what a beem!!!!
Ground, throw go go go!!!

Like I said, he's brilliant! So proud to be his mom!

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