Friday, May 20, 2011

Follow up to hurt feelings...

Well, hours later I am feeling kind of silly. The more I've thought, prayed and processed with my husband about it, I realized this wasn't something I should have gotten upset about. Just one of those days I guess. But I did gain some sweet things out of it. My husband in his round about way, gave me some sweet compliments. I got lots of wonderful comments on facebook. And considering how many people read the blog post so quickly made me realize I am not alone and it touched the hearts of lots of women. So maybe someone else was dealing with the same issue and got some of God's love and grace out of the verses He showed me. I know to write a popular blog I'm supposed to focus on one issue, but I've always had too many things I wanted to write about ... my kids, my favorite things, recipes, couponing, and spiritual things. But my blog posts about my struggles and the heart of God always get the most readers and comments. And I have a ton of those in my head and journal. Its just a matter of being vulnerable and getting them written up. I'll try harder. Obviously it makes me feel better when people struggle with the same things I do and maybe something God teaches me can help someone else. That's the main thing He taught me today. Its not about me. Or it at least it shouldn't be.

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