Sunday, May 01, 2011

Spiritual battleground... at my local park

I wanted to blog about this anyway and it seems like a good fit with all that is going on tonight. Friday night I took my boys to one of the neighborhood parks, but we went to the one farthest from our house. There were about 10 young men playing basketball there. They took a water break and I began to hear two of them having a spiritual conversation. At first I couldn't hear the conversation enough to know what they were talking about, but I could tell one was speaking more defensively and one was speaking more peacefully. I began to pray for them that whatever truth was being spoken would be clear and concise and wise. I then started to hear one of them quoting all kinds of scriptures, chapter and verse, but using them out of context. He was asking the other man how Jesus and God could be the same person if Jesus was talking to God on the cross. And how could the gospels be true when the last words of Jesus were different in each book. I felt such a heavy heart for the Christian man who was trying to answer these questions that I began to pace the park and pray for him in particular. I felt a spiritual battle being waged around me. There were three other men listening to this conversation and I wanted them to hear truth. It was getting dark and I had already stayed way longer than I had intended to, and needed to get the boys home. But I wanted the Christian man to know I was praying for him. So I called the boys to leave and as we walked to the car, I went over to the group of men and stood there a second. They stopped and looked at me and I said, "I have been eves dropping and just wanted you to know that I have been praying for you to have truth spoken and clarity and peace in this conversation." I realized at that point that the man on the ground, the defensive one, was holding a Koran. He rolled his eyes at me and kept talking. The Christian man said, "Thank you. We are friends, its ok." I said, "I can tell. You are speaking out of respect for each other. But I just wanted you to know I was praying for you," and patted him on the arm. He looked at me, and I think understanding what I was not saying, said thank you. And I got in the car with the boys. Cooper asked me what I had said and I explained in simple terms. But I was, and am even more now, overwhelmed with the spiritual battle that was going on. That is so not me to go up to strangers like that. I knew God wanted me to and I did. I'm watching all of these people rejoicing on tv, and as much as I know that it is a good day for our country, I wish people would realize that God loves everyone, and there is a spiritual battle going on all around us for the souls of all men.

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