Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Campbell is not a Baby Anymore

I was in Rome on Aug. 9, so I missed my baby's third birthday. He didn't know the difference, but I did. I had extra gellato in his honor. And so I didn't get to blog about how wonderful he is. Better late than never.
Campbell is very funny. Its not really one liners that I can post on facebook, but just his expressions, responses to things and the way he interacts with his brothers. He just makes me laugh. His new things is "squeeze hugs" which I have shortened to "squgs". We moved him into a twin bed last week, and he was so excited. I was afraid he would be sad about giving up his crib/toddler bed, but he wanted to give it to his cousin Luke in Virginia. So sweet.
He is bossy, not unlike my other two at this age. He wants things done the right way, and will tell me and his brothers where we are supposed to be and what we need to be doing. He's usually right. He loves to carry his lunch box and "puppy" with him to school. He's still a great napper, but we have to wait until he gets home from school, so he sleeps from 2:30 until we wake him up for dinner at 5. Then we put him back down at 8:30. He usually lays there in bed and talks to himself for an hour, but I don't care. He's quiet. His favorite song right now is "Big House". I heard him singing it in the bath the other night, but he just kept singing "Big, big table with lots and lots of food" over and over. That's my boy.
We are still potty training. He did number 1 on the potty the week he turned two and I thought this would be a breeze, but here we are a year later, still working on it. At his two year check up the doctor was a little concerned because he wasn't talking much. NOT an issue. That same week he finally said "ma ma" and hasn't stopped talking since. He is very polite, says "excuse me" when he burps at the table and then laughs at himself. Ha.
He loves to play tackle football with his brothers. He also does fairly well tagging along with me to watch football and baseball games. So I can't wait to see how good of a football and baseball player he will be in four years after all of this practice and observation.  He is very opinionated about what he wears, unlike my other two. Takes a little longer in the morning to get him dressed. He still loves Blues Clues and Wiggles, but will watch other things sometimes. On the days he's home with me, its hard to get anything done because he has to follow me all over the house. If Cade is home, he'll follow him instead. So he is in preschool 4 days a week and loves every minute of it. His two best friends are girls and no one else can be friends with them. He's very loyal. He will eat all day long if I let him. He's a grazer. Here are some pics of my angel. I am so thankful for him!

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