Tuesday, September 06, 2011

"One Call Away" Book Review

One Call Away by Brenda Warner is a touching story of God's faithfulness, even when it feels like He isn't. Warner's life is full of one struggle after another, which leads her to being a single mom of two on food stamps. But even in the midst of her trials, she knows she can somehow depend on the Lord to take care of her. Then a handsome college quarterback enters her life, and begins the long journey of becoming the supportive wife of NFL Superbowl Champion Kurt Warner.
I was blown away by the strength, determination and courage of Brenda as she dealt with so many tragedies in her life. I loved reading about her blossoming relationship with Kurt, and how the Lord used her to reach his heart for God. There were times when their family wasn't living the squeaky clean life we expect, but in that the Lord was still moving, teaching them about his grace.
I loved this book, and would recommend it to men and women, believers and nonbelievers, sports fans or not. I will wait until my children are older before letting them read it because of some choices that the Warner's made early on before letting God lead them, but I know at some point my boys will learn great lessons from this family.
I received this book for free from Booksneeze in exchange for an objective review.

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