Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Color Blue

I was flipping channels today and passed PBS doing a whirlwind tour of Europe. They talked about Rome for 5 minutes and it got me inspired to go through my pictures. I dumped three camera cards full onto my hard drive, 1,410 pictures, 770 just of Rome. It may take me awhile to go through them, organize and then give you just the best. But it inspired me to try to do a blog entry or two. Life has been so busy that my free time at night has been spent curled up in bed. So here is my attempt to catch up a little.

My favorite color in the world is blue. Maybe that's why God gave me three boys, I can't stand pink. I have blue and white china all over my house, a blue couch, and blue comforter on my bed. And at our house in Plano, I picked out blue carpet. I loved it. It didn't go over well when we went to sell, but I enjoyed it the 6 years we lived with it. But my favorite shade of blue is the color of the sky on those beautiful spring days when you just want to sit outside all day. My European adventure brought me lots of shades of blue that I wanted to share with you.

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