Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Feet

If you are one of those people that will read this and say "I can't believe she was on a wonderful trip to Europe and is complaining!," then just don't read this one. Towards the end of our time in Belgrade my little toe on one foot began to hurt and I realized I was getting a blister. No problem. Put on a Serbian band aide and kept going. Then we hit Rome. Mostly Rome has cobblestone streets. Someone on our trip said that when you see cobblestone streets, you know there is something cool up ahead. Very true. However, most cobblestone streets I have walked on have big cobblestones, rounded off at the edges. But Roman cobblestones are little squares, and are pointed on every corner. By day three I felt like I was walking on nails. Both of my little toes had huge blisters, and at one point I'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle in the arch of my right foot. I only had two pair of shoes with me, so I traded out the shoes so different parts of my feet would hurt, and wore two pair of socks, but by the end of the day, I couldn't take another step! I asked on facebook one night if anyone could tell me how to watch American shows on our laptap, and more than one person commented that I shouldn't be watching tv when I could be out on the town taking in Rome every minute, and I totally agree, but I'm telling you people, I could not walk! I had promised myself before we left that I would not complain on our trip, so I tried really hard. But eventually J would notice I was limping. I apparently have messed up feet. He said his feet never hurt.

Our last night in Rome, we were walking down a different street, only a few blocks from our hotel, and came across a museum. The museum was at the top of a hill, and water was coming from somewhere up there, and ran down this trough down to a fountain. All around the fountain was another trough of running water. People were taking off their shoes and soaking their feet in the water. I almost danced with glee! That water felt so magical! I was almost praying it was Italian holy water that would somehow heal my feet. It didn't happen, but those 10 minutes we sat there was amazing. After a traveling day to London and another day of church and resting, I was ok to go back to site seeing. I'm not sure what I could do differently if we go back to Rome again. But here is the picture of the magical Italian water trough. If you go to Rome, I can give you directions to it.

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