Monday, February 04, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME!

Thank you USA network for an NCIS marathon today! Loving that! I know you did that especially for my birthday. Yes, I am 38 today. The number doesn't make me old, its the fact that I have a son going to middle school in the fall. I'm not old enough to have a middle-schooler. And my hubby will be 40 in April. At least he'll always be older than me!

I had decided days ago that to celebrate my birthday I wasn't going to do any chores around the house. But I realized today that its easier said than done. I did go back to bed after the boys left for school and enjoyed my GMA and coffee. But then I got up and was faced with the reality that if I didn't do the chores, they weren't going to get done. I am a routine person and Monday's routine is to clean the house for the week, and we have a crazy week this week (what's new) and if it didn't get done today, it wasn't going to get done which would stress me out. So change of plans, what chores do I like doing or at least make me feel good after they are done? So I made my bed because that makes me smile. I am washing the boys clothes, because I don't mind that part. Now, I won't fold them today. I don't mind a pile of clean clothes on the couch, for probably up to a week. I swept the floors because they were grossing me out. I cleaned off the kitchen table and counters because they were grossing me out. And I vacuumed, because if you read my blog, I have an addiction to my vacuum cleaner. But I'm not cleaning the bathroom sinks, because I don't like that job and I have two boys who surely will want to give their momma a birthday gift today of cleaning the sinks. And the sink full of dirty dishes isn't bothering me either. I would have to empty the dishwasher first and I don't like that job, and I have three boys who can do that job when they get home. So, I think I'm done for the day.

Now what? I could get ready for our garage sale this weekend, or go for a walk, or work on preschool, Trades of Hope or VBS... or go to Target and spend my gift card. To Target I will go!

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