Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jesus Calling

I mentioned months ago that I had gotten mad at God about something and so my quiet times with Him were suffering, entirely my fault. And once you get out of the habit, its really hard to get back in. I struggled all fall with getting in a routine and finding something that I really wanted to get into. At Christmas, my sweet friend Terri gave me a copy of Jesus Calling, a small devotional book that I had seen a few times over the past year. My step dad has been reading it for the last year. And one time at my grandfathers nursing home, I saw it sitting in a sitting area and read the opening and liked what I read. So I was excited to get one. I started reading it at Christmas and almost haven't missed a day since.

If you aren't familiar with the book, its a daily devotional written by Sarah Young. She began to really listen for God's voice instead of only reading or praying. She wrote down what God said to her and it became this book. Its words of encouragement from Jesus to us.

I haven't used a devotional book in many years, usually because they are somewhat simple. And I get nervous reading things that are quotes from Jesus when its not the Bible because I don't want to get confused about what is really the Bible and not. But I have fallen in love with this book. The words are so uplifting, and Biblical and inspiring. There are scriptures listed underneath and I look those up to really get in into the Bible, but the devotional is sometimes those scriptures written out. I've been struggling recently with some junk, but I look so forward each day to reading what Jesus wants to tell me. Many of the recent ones have been about peace, and I have so needed that!

I highly recommend this book as something quick to read each day, yet something that is deep and meaningful and full of God's word. "When everything is going your way, you have the peace of this world, and it is easy to forget about Me. But that kind of peace does not last. It cannot handle problems. It can't heal broken hearts, lost friendships, or big disappointments. But My Peace can. It can even find a way to turn troubles into blessings, making you stronger in your faith."


Kim Carlisle said...

She also published one for kids that I read to the kids each night. Cory won't let me miss a night- it has been a real blessing for us all. It always seems to relate to something that is happening in our lives that we need guidance/comfort about.

Kim Carlisle said...

Hi Christy- She also published one for kids that I read to mine. Cory won't let me miss a night. It often relates to something going on in our lives that day/week. It helps get good conversations going with them as well. I hope you don't mind me reading your blog :)