Friday, February 15, 2013


I've been watching the news coverage of the Carnival cruise ship that was stranded for 5 days. I guess because it was out of Galveston, our local news coverage was a lot besides the national news coverage. I was amused at the headlines, "Cruise from Hell", and words like "squalor", "petri dish", etc. But what I thought was really interesting was the interviews from passengers. I heard a man yesterday who said it really hasn't been that bad. They've always had food, the crew members were going above and beyond to help the passengers, they were making lots of friends, and he would for sure go on a cruise again, even on Carnival. Other people were saying it was horrible, the worst experience of their life, they would never set foot on a boat again, they were cold and starving. It just made me think of how your perspective on something can totally change your attitude about it. Or maybe its the other way around. Your attitude can change your perspective. Either way, I would hope if it happened to me that I would have the right perspective on the situation. I am not physically hurting, it was an uncontrollable event, the people are doing the best they can in a bad situation and I would hope to make the best of it. I will be on a cruise in 7 days, so hopefully I don't have to find out! But it carries over to daily things. What is my attitude in uncontrollable situations?

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