Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Christy's Pick of the Week 3/What God is Talking to me About

Pick of the Week- Casting Crowns The Alter and The Door
We saw Casting Crowns on Friday night in concert, SO GOOD! Very worshipful, very convicting. Their newest CD is very good. When I listen to the lyrics that Mark Hall has written, I get an understanding of how the Bible was written. Only God sending those lyrics down to a man who is really listening could explain his songs. They are deep, very blunt, and very honest. So, in the middle of the concert, I was reminded of one of the sermons that I heard at the Fusion conference a while back by Voddie Baucham. He reminded us that the gospel is not about us. We, especially Americans, are very narcissistic, we think that the gospel revolves around us. We look at the Bible like a yearbook, looking for things about us. He said that if the gospel was about us, then when we became a Christian, Jesus could come back. Obviously, He didn't. We sang a song in church last Sunday that Voddie referenced, "Above All". Lovely line in the chorus "On the cross, He thought of me, Above All". NO HE DIDN'T. He did think of the nations that He wanted to save. Jesus came to save the nations, the world, not just me. The great commission says to go out into all the world, and when you see who Jesus was talking to, all the world includes America. We aren't the center of Christianity!
I'll get off my soap box about that. Crowns sang a song off their last album that added to those thoughts, "I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow, a wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind. Still you hear me when I'm calling, you catch me when I'm falling, you told me who I am. I am yours." So, God has been telling me, most importantly its not about me, because I am very prideful and selfish. But also, He does care about me, even the little things that I don't bring to Him because I think I am big enough to take care of it by myself. I am so small in the context of what God is doing. Mark Hall said, "God doesn't need us. But He does want us." We are privileged to serve a great God. And we need to get off ourselves (I'm talking to myself) and see where He is working and join Him. So much to think about.

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