Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rough week

I have had a rough week, if I can complain for a second. Ok, really it hasn't been that bad at all. I have just been tired I guess and had no patience, and that makes everything seem a little worse when you have preschoolers. I can't even complain now that I'm trying. It all seems silly. Tuesday my babies were wacked out! It was the hardest day of the year so far. And when I vented to my assistant director, she said I was the fourth teacher to say how bad the day was. We decided that a cold front had moved in, and believe it or not that makes a difference, as does a full moon. Wednesday I did my monthly shopping at Wal-mart. Yes, I only go grocery shopping once a month, or at least 90% of it. It took me three hours, but I had my Ipod on (see my pick of the week 2) so that helped. But it still took a lot of physical and mental energy. Men would probably think that was silly, but women understand my pain! I'm sure there are some men who grocery shop, but none that read my blog. When I got home I realized that the cashier had not done a few of my precious coupons correctly and had jipped me out of at least $6! Irritating! Focus on the good stuff Christy! Focus on the good stuff! Monday was good. We have started some community groups and I had my first one Monday night. I had two ladies, but we had a good time together and this coming Monday promises to have some more attendees. Tomorrow night we are going to see Casting Crowns in concert with some good friends! Looking really forward to that! None of my children are sick. My husband was not out of town. And we have electricity, hot running water, air conditioning, and the money to buy groceries! So all in all, I guess it was a good week. Its all in how you look at it, right?


ashley said...

i go to WM twice a month. i haven't perfected the once a month shopping yet, but o would i like to!! i went last night and it was grueling. i feel your pain.

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe the Walmart stuff.
How do you do that? I go to the grocery store at least once a week and Walmart at least once a week.

Elizabeth said...

But I like the outings for the most part- we use it as time killers but I would like to get a little more organized.