Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Once a month Wal-mart trip

I was going to just add to the comments on my post where I said I go to Walmart once a month, but its too much. So I thought I would post how I can only go once a month. First of all, its not because I just want to, or am trying to avoid the place. Its financial reasons. Once we pay our mortgage, there is not much left, so I need to do the majority of the shopping on the paycheck where we don't pay mortgage. So I made a list of about 99% of the things that we buy, in order of where they are in the store. I keep the list on the fridge and check them off throughout the month when we need them. Then I make a list of about 20 meals a few days before I go, and add that stuff to the list. It takes me a couple of days to double check the list, make my menu and organize my coupons, but its worth it. On that other paycheck, I might go buy milk, orange juice and produce, if we need it. But I try to buy more than one milk and freeze the extra (we don't drink much milk) and buy a few loaves of bread and freeze it. We do have an extra fridge in the garage, otherwise I wouldn't have room for it all. It takes me two to three hours, so I wear my Ipod and just try to enjoy myself. I really haven't decided if coupons are worth it. I do save money, but it takes me longer to figure out if its a good deal to use them or just buy a cheaper brand. I also have to run to Krogers once or twice a month to buy the organic stuff that Cooper eats because, although Walmart is getting better about having organic, they do not have organic pop tarts yet, which he would eat two boxes of a week if I let him. So that's how I do it. It has positives and negatives, but we are making it work. I wish Jason would go with me one day because I don't think he gets it. Oh, you also have to figure out the best time to go. Don't go on the weekends or Monday morning, there is nothing there. It is picked over. And I don't go at night, much busier and I don't feel as safe. So right now I go on Wednesday mornings. Sunday mornings are very quiet if you are skipping church, but again, its kind of picked over. (That is the best time to get pictures taken with Santa and the Easter Bunny, Sunday mornings! Yes, the ministers wife has skipped church to get pictures taken, I think one of my kids was sick, I had a legitimate reason... I think.)


ashley said...

totally makes me laugh that you have "skipped" church to get pictures made with santa. i am cracking up.
...and the best time to go - you've got it right, sista. early in the morning on a weekday.

Christy said...

Do I need to repent about that? :)