Monday, October 08, 2007

How do planes stay in the air?

I have always wondered that. I mean, people have explained it to me sometime in my life, but it just doesn't make sense. This weekend was the Wings Over Houston air show, which takes place about 2 miles from our house. So we get a great view from our front and back yards. I am not really a "planey" (I just made that up, I figure if people who are really in to food are "foodies" then people who are really into planes are "planies")I don't care what kind they are or how old they are or how fast they go. However, when a group of nine planes flies over your house so close together, you just have to be in awe. I didn't get much done this weekend because every time I heard a plane coming, I ran outside. Sometimes my family would join me, but they weren't into it as much as I was. The jets would buzz our house and it would hurt our ears they were so loud! It was awesome! On Saturday I tried to take a bunch of pictures, but then I realized I was missing out on the awe of it trying to keep the camera on the plane. I knew there had to be some kind of spiritual lesson in that, and I came up with one. Sometimes we are so focused on trying to see the details of what God is doing in our lives, that we miss out on the awesomeness of the big picture! So Sunday afternoon, I got out in our tree house by myself and was blessed with the most awesome sight of the nine Canadian Snow Birds flying over, twice, closer then they had been all weekend. I felt like I could reach up and touch them. Is was so incredible! Next year, you can come watch from our backyard if you want.

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