Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Christy's Pick of the Week!

A new addition to my blog, I will post my pick of the week, hopefully every week! Either a book, music, a tv show or movie, or something special for the preschoolers we all love and adore. I had a hard time deciding what should be first, but I just finished reading this book to my boys, and Cooper and I really enjoyed it. Its called The Genesis of it All, by Luci Shaw. It is a beautiful description of the way that God created the world and the artwork is amazing! The two artists who illustrated it are members of The Community of Jesus, a monastic community in Orleans, MA, in the Benedictine tradition. Here is a small example of the thought-provoking and uplifting poetry. "Something was missing. In all the sea or sky or dry land God hadn't yet breathed into being any creatures to be friends with, with God's own ways of creating, and loving, and thinking, and feeling, and acting out the thoughts and the feelings." One question is raised in my mind, which has caused me to think about how big our God is. It says more than once that the job wasn't easy, creating the world. And I asked myself how easy it was for God? He spoke it into being, breathed His breath of life and it was there. Sounds easy to me! All and all I would highly recommend this book, I think the adults in your home will enjoy it as much or more than your children. I found it in the children's section of our great library. Enjoy!

I tried for 20 minutes to get a picture of it on here, couldn't do it. Any ideas? If you want to see it, here is a link to my library page.

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