Sunday, January 23, 2011

I can't believe Jason still married me...

I told you yesterday about playing intramural softball in college, and how that could be another post altogether. So I might as well get it over with and humiliate myself on the world wide web.

I met Jason officially Spring Break of my sophomore year, and we started dating soon after. He was the Intramural director for ETBU, and he could tell, correctly, that I had no athletic ability. So our first date he took me to Olive Garden and the batting cages. I should have known then what the rest of my life would entail. Boy that seems like a lifetime ago.

Anyway, he had to umpire the softball games. And what little talent I had presented itself in the pitcher position. Well, can you imagine getting up to pitch, and the new guy you are dating, who is really attractive might I add, is standing behind the batter calling your pitches? Yeah, it didn't work. I told him he couldn't call home plate anymore. So the next game he calls second base. Almost worse. I'm trying to pitch knowing the cute guy is watching me from behind. I banned him from calling any of my games. Looking back now, I can't believe he really went with that.

Here's the humiliating part. When the season started, Jason told me I needed to buy myself some cleats. I refused to spend money on cleats for one intramural season. I should have listened. Just like in middle school when I couldn't hit the ball, in college, I still could not hit the ball. But one day, I get up to bat, and miracle of all miracles, I make contact and the ball soars into the sky. Ok, really, it was a very short pop fly to 2nd base, but still it went. So in my shock, I start running. Did I mention that it had rained the day before and the ground was really wet and muddy? And did I mention that my cute new boyfriend wasn't calling the game, but still was there watching? Oh yeah, and I don't have on cleats. So what happens? Splat! I slip and land face first in the mud before I get to first. I somehow was able to get up and join everyone else who was laughing at me. And I did get out of course. I don't know how the second baseman was able to throw to first as hard as she was laughing. Again, looking back, I can't believe that didn't end it for me with Jason on the spot. He must have really liked me! And he knew what he was getting into!

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