Sunday, January 02, 2011

Christmas in Angel Fire

It would be a much too long and boring story to describe our whole trip to Angel Fire, NM for Christmas, so I will just list my favorite parts and my least favorite parts and post some pictures, and hopefully that will give you an overview of our holidays.

Favorite things: 1. Reminiscing about driving from Ft. Worth to Hollis for Seminary as we traveled the same roads, we smiled when we saw the sign to Hollis. Good times. 2. Passing the "Jesus is Lord Travel Center" in Amarillo. Yes, that is the name of it. I really wanted to go inside to see what made it so holy. 3. Seeing such open skies. There were stretches of road where there was NOTHING to look at but the sky. 4. Christmas Eve we went to the slopes and watched skiers coming down the mountain with torches to Silent Night, and then watched fireworks. Really cool! 5. Having a white Christmas! 6. Skiing on the 26th. The boys were in ski school and there was no one on the slopes. Great skiing. The rest of the week there were way too many people and I was chasing the boys. 7. Watching how fast my boys picked it up. We skied with them the rest of the week and had a hard time keeping up with them. 8. Getting to celebrate my nephew Luke's first birthday with him! 9. Seeing 4 deer off our deck Christmas morning. And then seeing hundreds of them on our drive home. 10. Green-chili cheeseburgers! 11. Watching my car thermometer have such a large range. 72 when we left Houston, 5 when we left Angel Fire. That's without wind chill. 12. Watching the boys tube. They had a blast! 13. Snow ice cream, snow angels, snowmen, snowball fights, sledding... we're from Houston. We took full advantage. 14. The beautiful scenery! I love mountains!

Least favorite things: 1. 30+ hours in the car getting there and back. 2. Falling while skiing my first day, first run and landing on my face. I have a nice mark under my eye. Hopefully its gone before I go back in public. I have a few other random bruises that I'm not sure where they came from. 3. Not being at a home for Christmas. I feel like I missed out on it. I had that feeling for a small minute during the Christmas Eve part, but it didn't last long. 4. Altitude stuff. It will take weeks for my sinuses to recover. 5. Borrowing someone else's house with 3 boys. I lived in fear all week of destroying something. There were a few small casualties, but hopefully not enough to keep us from being invited back. 6. Being partially snowed in the last two days and not being confident that we could get out to leave. We had to be towed off our driveway. If I had to stay another day, someone was going to get hurt! 7. Dealing for 3 days with my baby having a stomach bug. Lots of laundry to do when we got home yesterday. Real fun on the car ride home, but again, I wasn't staying another day. 8. The longest, highest ski lift I have ever been on. I don't like heights. 9. Trying to keep up with the boys skiing. They were so fast! I pictured them many times flying off the side of the mountain. 10. Lack of shopping, partly due to being snowed in one day. 11. I missed my Keurig coffee maker.

I am proud that there are more favorites. When we got home yesterday I wasn't in the best mood, so I think it would have turned out differently. I'm very glad to be home, and maybe in a few weeks I will be able to look back more fondly on the trip. Right now, I'm tired, don't feel well, and the suitcases have exploded all over my house. But I am very thankful for a safe trip and that no one skied off the mountain!

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