Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My favorite things...

I haven't done this in a while. And these aren't really new favorite things, just updated recently to make them rise back up on my favorites list.

1. Coffee. I have been drinking coffee since college, some years more than others. But in October, while home visiting my mom, her best friend gave me her Kuerig coffee maker. I almost passed out. I had been wanting one badly, but wasn't going to spend the money. So I brought it home and it wouldn't work. After 2 days on the phone with Keurig, they sent me a brand new one. God blesses my coffee habit. So to balance out the cost of my coffee pods, I don't drink Starbucks anymore. And I have recently started buying flavored creamers because I have found some with no corn syrup. So now I drink 3-4 cups a day instead of the 1 I used to. Its a bad addiction that I really need to slow down on. I drank tea today to try to substitute. I wish I told as many people about Jesus as I do about my Keurig coffee maker. I have converted 2 people that I know of.

2. My bed. If you ask me my favorite place on earth, I will say "my bed." Especially the hours between when my kids go to bed and I actually go to sleep and Sunday afternoons. Scotland is next and then Disney World. At Thanksgiving I got a new comforter and a few weeks ago I bought myself a new pillow at Ikea. So now I love my bed even more. So soft, fluffy, comfy and warm. I want to go there right now.

3. Footy pajamas. Poor Campbell doesn't get many new clothes. Lots of hand me downs. But every once in a while I pull out something and after two boys, it is way out of shape. And since he moved into his big boy bed, he refuses to cover up with the sheet and comforter, just his blanket. So last week I stopped by Carters, and bought two pair of footy pajamas. $4.54 each, may I add. I was tempted to buy more, but I do live in Houston. When I held up the 2T, I thought there was no way it would fit him. It had to be way too big. But sadly, no. It fits perfectly. And he is just so cute when he wears them that you just want to pick him up and cuddle with him in his bed. But I think I would break his little toddler bed if I crawled in with him. So I will go to my bed. I bet my bed would be even better if I had adult sized footy pajamas!

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Jeanne said...

My baby is a little boy...Love the jammies!