Saturday, February 05, 2011

My Birthday...

Needless to say, it was a strange one. We've known since Tuesday that we would probably have a snow day, so I was preparing myself for having everyone home on a day I would really prefer to have all to myself. At least we would have snow to play in, a really cool birthday gift I thought. At 1:00 on Thursday afternoon we got the call about no school, but as the evening wore on, every weather forecast changed to a lesser chance of snow, and we woke up to a minuscule layer of ice. Very disappointing! That's what happens in Houston I suppose.

Hubby let me "sleep" until 9:30, the best gift ever. I put it in quotes because the sweet baby didn't understand that plan, and kept barging in asking for things. He didn't know that Daddy could get snack and juice. That's mommy's job. I finally got up and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and went back to bed! I finally got dressed before lunch and made more breakfast foods for lunch. Chocolate chip pancakes and a breakfast casserole with some yummy venison sausage a sweet family gave Jason this week. Really good! Then the little two went down for a 3 hour nap! And J took Coop out for some errands. So I sat on my tush and caught up on my DVR tv. Another fabulous gift.

My next door neighbors brought me a balloon and some tulips! I think that was the sweetest thing ever! Then J and Coop brought me some more tulips of a different color, so I have the most beautiful arrangement of tulips. I made red beans and rice for dinner, and we played some Wii bowling. You would think they would let the birthday girl win, but I don't think that is even a remote thought for my hubby. And I made myself the ugliest birthday cake you have ever seen, but it is triple chocolate with chocolate icing, so I don't really care what it looks like. And that is about it. Kind of quiet and boring, but I know I should treasure days like that. And as disappointing as the no snow was, I know I should be thankful that we haven't been house bound for 4 days like my Dallas friends.

The best part about birthdays these years is Facebook! I love having so many people in different parts of my life wish me Happy Birthday! J almost ruined it though. He pointed out that you can have your fb automatically wish everyone a happy one on their birthdays, so probably most of the people didn't even really write it. He's quite a downer isn't he? But I am choosing to believe that everyone really knew and acknowledged me. I am going to try to thank everyone personally because I like it when people thank me, but it may take a while.

All in all, it was a good day. I have my health, 3 beautiful children and husband, a nice, yet dirty, home, tulips and a chocolate cake! What could be better?

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the bowlin family said...

just for the record, i did write my message and i did really think about you on your special day. it sounds like a great bday to me. ((HUGS))