Monday, February 28, 2011

Pictures of our Shuttle launch trip

These are only a few of the MANY pictures I took. I'll spare you a really long slideshow. But if you want to see more, just ask!

We took a bus tour the day before and spent some more time at the Kennedy Space Center walking around reading the history of space travel. Brilliant people!

We were honored to be invited last minute (its all in who you know) to the night viewing of the shuttle, which I think, was even better than the launch itself. Magical. And we got to see Steve, across a rope, and give Diane a hug.

They tell you numerous times to not take pictures of the launch or you will miss something, but you know me with my camera, but they were right. It happens so fast you do miss out on really taking it all in while taking a picture. But I did it anyway.

And just an added bonus, me and Jason with Chris Tomlin. Again, its all in who you know!

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