Sunday, February 27, 2011

My heart is full...

My heart, my mind and my soul are so full that I'm not sure I can get it all out in writing. I'm not sure words can describe all that God has taught me the past four days... all that He has reminded me of because I so soon forget... all that He has convicted me of because I just the other day told someone I don't get convicted of sin often... all that He has shown me about His great love for me. Its mind boggling. I will save logistics and pictures for another post, but this is just my small attempt to share what God has been piercing my heart with this week.

We were able, finally, to see the launch of Space Shuttle Discovery, STS 133 on Thursday in Florida. Our friend, Steve Lindsey, is the commander. To know someone personally that is being strapped into a bomb is very surreal. I had a stomach ache all week. I couldn't figure out why, but it miraculously went away 20 minutes after the launch. To hug his wife right before she goes to tell him goodbye is very emotional. They are true American heroes in my opinion.

The day before we were able to tour Kennedy Space Center. We did most of it last Nov. when we tried the launch the first time, but this time we did a couple of new things. We saw a 3D IMAX movie about the Hubble telescope. If you ever get the opportunity to see it, please do. I wanted to fall on my knees in worship in the middle of the theater. It shows pictures from the Hubble and describes how big our universe is, way beyond the planets that I learned in school. My mind cannot comprehend how big it is, how God has made all of this, and then placed our earth in the middle of our little galaxy. And then made me. I suppose to some people that might turn them off of God, because how can such a big God care for little me. But it gave me such comfort and strength and encouragement. He did make all of this unbelievable creation and then because He wanted to have a relationship with His creation and wanted us to praise and worship Him out of love, not obligation, He made us in His image. I am a very little dot in the midst of His glorious creation, but He loves me with an unbelievable, lavish love, and wants to be intimate with me. And, how often do I not take advantage of the power of the creator of the universe who wants to work through me?! Why do I try to do things by myself instead of asking God, who created the stars who are millions of light years away, to help me take care of my kids? Did you know our galaxy only has one star, the sun? All the other stars we see are farther out. There are baby stars being birthed, there are mature stars, and then there are stars that are dying. They are all different colors depending on their age. Craziness.

I'm reading One Month to Live, by Kerry Shook. Coincidentally, I read this while on the plane on the way to FL. "In 1995 scientists pointed the Hubble Space Telescope into an empty patch of black space about the size of a grain of sand just above the handle of the Big Dipper. They wanted to test the clarity and range of the Hubble and were shocked when the pictures came back. That little patch of empty space wasn't empty at all. The pictures revealed over a thousand previously unknown galaxies. Scientists now estimate there are more then 125 billion galaxies in the visible universe. Each one of those galaxies contains millions of stars. It's mind-boggling! My little finite mind can't even begin to grasp such magnitude. If this is the size of only what we know of creation, then how much greater must the Creator be? How much power and imagination must He possess in order to craft such beauty, force, and complexity." pg 121.

I came back from the launch in the mood to worship, and last night was able to go to the Chris Tomlin/Louie Giglio concert. It was unbelievable! It gave me the outlet I needed to thank my God for all that He has done in my life. He has saved me from so much. He is my healer, my salvation, my faithful Father. And then Louie spoke about the same stuff that I had been thinking about. He showed a picture of the sun putting out beautiful spurts of gas. He said it was the sun singing praise to its creator in the way it could. He played the sounds that NASA has collected of stars, stars make sounds! And he said it was the stars singing their songs of praise to their Creator. Psalm 148:3 says, "Praise him, sun and moon, praise him, all you shining stars." Read the rest of the Psalm when you get a chance. We are commanded to praise our Creator along with the rest of creation.

And then this morning, Steve preached about Abraham talking to God about saving Soddom. God invited us into a two-way relationship where we can talk to him about our cares. He is sovereign and can do what he wants, but he loves us and wants to hear our hearts. The ultimate Creator wants to hear my heart! He wants me to spend time with Him. He wants me to ask for help and He is ready, willing and able to grace me with His power, strength and wisdom if I will only ask.

Needless to say, it has been a life-changing weekend for me, if I will let it. I pray that a week from now, I'm not back where I have been. I pray that I will spend time with my intimate Creator, thanking Him for all He has done in my life and seeking His help, the power that no one can fathom, and His love I cannot comprehend.


CDJ said...

Thank you so much for sharing the overflow of your heart. What a blessing!

Jeanne said...

Wonderful!!! NASA can hear the sound of our planets singing praises to God. My forks are based on the vibrations of the planets so every time I work on me or someone I hear the praises! Those praise vibrations heal. Is that not awesome!!!??? I love you!