Sunday, February 13, 2011

My fun weekend!

I had a great weekend, full of fellowship and rest and time away from my sweet kids. I found out this weekend that I am a "Critical Cathy", so I will do my best to leave out the negative, critical parts, and only tell you the good parts!

Thursday afternoon I drove over to the middle of nowhere with my friend Robin for a ladies retreat. Robin is actually Jason's assistant, and she is the best! I told my mom in front of the boys that Robin is Jason's second wife. That didn't go over well with Cooper. Kind of freaked him out! But she really does bring sanity into our home. I am so thankful for her, so it was great to spend some time together on our trip up. We only got lost once!

Throughout the weekend, I laughed until I cried, read God's love letter to me, and prayed out by a lake. It was really cold most of the weekend, but the last morning I was determined to spend some time outside, so I found myself a nice bench next the lake and curled up with my Bible and read and prayed. I noticed that I wasn't cold at all, really cozy and warm. I supposed that it was warming up outside. But when I was done and got up to go the conference center, I realized that indeed, it was still really cold! I think God was keeping me warm so I could enjoy his creation. Sweet moment. I had a vicious game of spoons with some sweet ladies, except for the one who left me bleeding when she went for a spoon. (Love ya anyway MM). I drank way too much hot chocolate. And reconnected with an old friend and made a new one at the same time. (Need some sandpaper ladies?)

I left early on Saturday from the retreat and went to Bryan to meet my husband who was officiating a wedding for our friends Kylie and Melissa. Weddings just put me in a romantic, reminiscing mood. We had a good time celebrating their new life together. Then we went to see a movie, an actual adult movie. I made a moral decision a number of years ago to never see Rated R movies, I have just never enjoyed one and it always left bad things in my head that I wished I could take out. But because of some good reviews from some very Godly people whose opinions I take very seriously, we went and saw The King's Speech. I highly recommend it! It was excellent! I wish the one scene that makes it R wasn't in there so my kids could see it because it teaches so many lessons about friendship, determination and courage.

This morning, we slept late. Yes, today was Sunday, and we slept late, and ate breakfast and went shopping at an outlet mall. I love that I am married to a pastor, I love worshipping and serving in a church, but sometimes, you just need a break, and we took it! And then we came home. I feel so good and rested and ready to start the week. I am ignoring the dirty dishes and clothes. They will be there tomorrow. I made lunches and I am going to bed to start fresh tomorrow.

A BIG thank you to my mom for keeping the boys for us. I love grandparents! The biggest downer of the weekend was that I left my pillow at the hotel in Bryan. They assure me they are looking for it, but I am not hopeful. I'll keep you posted on that. I can always go to IKEA to get a new pillow, but I can't replace the pillowcase that matches my sheets. That's what I get for wanting to sleep on my own pillow!

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