Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What's in My CD Player Right Now

Haven't done this in a while, not even sure any one cares what I'm listening to, but its a fun thing to write about.
I can have 6 CDs in my car player at a time, and right now my CD player is acting up. It won't eject only one CD. They won't come out. I googled how to eject stuck CDs in a 2006 Toyota Sienna (you really can google anything) and found the answer, but I end up having to eject all 6 to be able to get them out. So switching CDs is really a serious event. So I may have these 6 for quite some time!

1. Mandisa, What if we Were Real.   I've had this one for awhile, but she sang "Good Morning" on Good Morning America a few weeks ago and did a great job. I was so proud of her, so I went and got the CD back out and remembered how much I love it. Really energizing on the way to work in the morning. They've been playing the song alot in the background on GMA and playing "Stronger" in the background when they talk about Robin Roberts who is on medical leave. I love how much people are getting to hear her spirit!

2. Matt Redman, 10000 Reasons Just REALLY good worship! One of my all time favorite worship albums.

3. Jason Castro, Who I Am American Idol finalist a few years back, and a strong believer. Some of the album is Christian, some is not. I think I already talked about this one when I got it, but I was listening to it in my house the other day while cleaning and remembered how much I liked it so it got promoted to my car!

Now three new albums you have to get!
4. For King and Country, Crave I LOVE this band! I got the CD because of a song I kept hearing on KSBJ, "Proof of your Love", but I love so many songs on the CD. Again, there are some that are not Christian, but some good love songs.

5. Building 429, Listen to the Sound. I have some of their previous stuff, but for some reason had never felt led to get this album that came out last May. But the other day I was in Lifeway to get something else and they had it on sale for $5 and I couldn't pass it up. I love the song "Where I Belong". But there are so many songs that I'm falling in love with.

6. And the one I CANNOT stop listening to, Toby Mac, Eye On It. I wanted it as soon as it came out and held out as long as I could but I gave in and am so glad I did. Its so much fun! My kids are loving jamming to it too! My favorite songs are the first two, "Me Without You" and "Steal my Show". I've been using that second song as my prayer on the way to school or my TOH parties. I pray that God is speaking through me and taking over!

If you need some new music, these are my current favorites! What are you listening to?

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