Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Part in the Kingdom, Part 2!

God has just not let go of me with this obedience thing. Darn. After that last post about it, I got some great comments. One friend said just that morning she had audibly heard her name and decided that the Lord was about to call her to do something and would she be willing to say yes, and then read my blog. I told her if she said yes, I would say yes.

My mom said its like a big puzzle. If we don't do our part, our piece is missing, but you can still tell what the picture is, we just miss out on our part. I don't want to be a missing puzzle piece.

In chapter 7 of Having a Mary Spirit by Joanna Weaver, she talks about Mary, the mother of Jesus, and her visit by the angel to hear that she is going to be the mother of the Messiah. She asks how, but only out of pure curiosity, not out of doubt or denial, and she is fully willing to take upon herself such a blessing that comes with so many struggles. She could have faced divorce or even death. Weaver writes: "For I believe God is still looking for willing people through whom He can work His purposes and perform His plans. People who say yes instead of asking how... I wonder, what God could do through you and me if we stop questioning His plan, stop trying to understand, and simply say yes. What new, miraculous work could God accomplish if our world if just one or two of us said, "May it be to me as you have said." pg. 107.

I summarized a lot of this into a devotional I gave to the weekday teachers on Monday. I asked them if they were in the right place physically, like Esther, to be able to say "Yes" to God when he called them. Maybe we don't like the place we are in right now, but God has us there to do a job. Are we willing? And I asked them if they were in the right place spiritually, like Mary, to be able to hear God when He called them. Are we spending time in His word and prayer so when he gives us a task to do we know its Him and we are ready and trusting Him enough to say "Yes" without any questions.

I had a quick conversation with someone yesterday about a book by Lysa Terkeurst that I feel like God is telling me to read, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God. My friend said, "Do you find it a little scary that God is dealing with you about saying Yes? I wonder what awesome thing He wants you to say Yes to! It's really cool that you are sensing this."

So all of that, and then today, it happened. I was sitting in a room with 4 sleeping three year olds, and I heard God ask. Not audibly, but I was in the right place physically and spiritually to hear Him. And I said yes. I won't give you details because that's not the point. If I told you, most of you would say its not a big deal anyway. But to me its big. It means giving up some of my "free" time (whatever that really is to a mom of 3), it means messing up my routine, and it won't be easy or always fun. But I said "yes" because I knew immediately that was what God was prepping me for all this time. I did what I needed to do to be obedient and since then I have been struggling, part with peace for being obedient and part with my human flesh sinful nature that wants to be selfish and lazy and question how its going to work out. But I wanted to blog about it so badly, to put out there my gratitude to Him for being so patient with me, my joy in being obedient, my honest struggle with it, and my encouragement to you to be in the right place so you too can say "yes". I'm excited to see where this journey will take me.

I also read today that Lysa Terkeurst will be speaking on "Saying Yes to God" in a few weeks locally. I think I may need to go to that. Anyone want to join me?

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CDJ said...

Love it! Read it AGAIN tonight:)
Your blog makes me wish we lived closer...but thankful for the consistent communion none-the-less!