Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break update

Day one - we cleaned out the boys closets and moved all the clothes around. I still have boxes to go in the attic, but that's huge progress. Cooper needs, well, everything. We tried potty training, but it was really more Mommy training. He stayed dry all day except his diaper at nap time, but that was me taking him potty every 30 minutes. He never asked to go on his own. Campbell and I went to the park while the other two went to basketball with Daddy. That was the fun part of the day.

Day two - We went to a birthday party in the morning, a great fun and free diversion. I cleaned the air purifier, got a new VBS leader and made a dent in the VBS curriculum, which made me feel better. There was no potty training going on. I actually left him in the same diaper from before nap until bedtime thinking maybe, eventually, he would ask to go to the potty or change the diaper. Nope, didn't care one bit. Cade had baseball practice.

Day three - Did some chores this morning (with good attitudes no less.) We took some stuff to the Bay Area Turning Point resale shop and met Daddy at the cool NASA McDonald's, which was packed. The boys played forever on the playground. Cooper has decided he needs to make some money to buy something at the Final Four in two weeks, so he helped me clean out the fridge. He was doing a better job than I was. I'm so thankful I have one child who likes things clean and organized, when he's in the right mood. He then made a list of all the other jobs he could do for some money. We'll see if he does any of them. I tried to teach Cade to tie his shoe, but its nearly impossible to teach him anything when he is tired and distracted. We'll try another day. While Coop and J are at baseball practice, Campbell, Cade and I went to a different park, and now I should be making dinner, but I'm not motivated.

Two days left, and I have made some progress on the list. Its that filing thing that is staring me in the face. Tomorrow I have to go do my monthly grocery shopping trip, so the rest of tonight is making the menu, list and gathering coupons. Maybe the filing will get done on Friday?

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