Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Break Update #2

I don't know that anyone cares about this at all, except my mom. Day 4, we did the rounds of stores simply to entertain. We went to Target, and everyone got something from the dollar spot. We went to Petsmart, really great free, short visit zoo. Campbell loved the cats, dogs and "fishys". Then I crumbled and we went to Toys-R-Us. Cooper really looked. I spent the whole time chasing the other two who were dribbling balls around the store. I was that mom that people look at, "why can't she keep control of her children?" But there was no one there and they got some energy out. I'm sure the store appreciated us spending 30 minutes without buying anything. We also got allergy shots and made a run to church to do some VBS stuff. After lunch and baby down for nap, I made my monthly Walmart run. Saved $17.30 with coupons. It was really packed, and I had a bad attitude for awhile. But when I was putting my food away, I realized how thankful I need to be that we have money to buy food, a store that has food in it and a house to put the food away in, unlike many people in Japan.

Day 5, worked on VBS, cleaned up Cade's room. (He's not my child who is clean and organized) I watched the first movie of the Anne trilogy while I filed our papers. I'm sure to those of you out there who are really good at that stuff, you would be appalled at my filing system, but its done and off my bedroom floor. Washed all the sheets and folding clothes. Tried potty training again, but after changing poopy underwear this morning, I decided that neither of us are ready to potty train. And its my 3rd kid, so I didn't even try to salvage the underwear. Not worth it. Poor Campbell is stir crazy today, "Mama, we go bye-bye?" So we did his second favorite activity, made cupcakes. "I cook Daddy!" He actually seems to really love helping me in the kitchen way more than the other two ever have. Maybe he'll take over the cooking duties when he's older? (Yes, giving him something to do was just an excuse to make cupcakes!)

We've had baseball practice all week, but have tonight and tomorrow off. Its really weird to have nothing to do, but since there are 6 billion basketball games on (my interpretation) the big boys are occupied. That's been our Spring Break. I feel like I got most of my list done, and the boys had some semi fun things to do, and they really never got on my nerves. But I'm glad for school to start back up. I need a break!


Lindsay said...

I so enjoy your blog! thanks for posting the link on FB!

Dianna said...

I'm not YOUR mom, but I do enjoy reading your blogs!