Friday, March 11, 2011

On to baseball...

Last night was the official ending of basketball season. I haven't commented on it since the blog about not liking it, but it turned out really fun. I only got to see about half of Coop's games because I was at Cade's games, and that was probably good for me. His were less competitive and he was having a blast. Even though his season is over, he's still dribbling all over the house and shooting hoops outside in his free time. Cooper's games were very competitive, and stressful, and exciting! His team ended up 13-0 for the season! They won the season championship which got them a really ugly shiny jacket he probably won't ever wear, and they were the tournament champions which got them a really cool trophy. Cooper made the all-stars, which is not as big a deal as baseball, only one game. And his team lost that game, which was the end of the world for him, not used to losing I guess. I credit it all to the coaching! Jason prides himself on his drafting ability. His team was really good and even better, sweet kids.

I am so thankful that basketball is over though because for the month of February, it overlaps with baseball and it is just tooooo much for us! I am worn out! I'm ready to focus on baseball with all of our time and energy and with a good attitude! (Do I sound convincing?) Cade is playing machine pitch for the Braves, and Jason is his coach this year. I wish he would have a growth spurt soon because when he actually hits it, his little legs can't get him to 1st base fast enough. But he is awesome playing the field. Cooper is now playing kid pitch for the A's. He actually was the starting pitcher tonight for a scrimmage game and did pretty well. It adds another level of stress for me as mom. Please don't walk that batter! Even worse, please don't hit that batter!

Campbell is just along for the ride! He's a trooper hanging out with me at all these games. Some fields and gyms are more conducive for little ones. I was thinking that last year might have been the worst as far as keeping up with him at games, but I may have been wrong. Now he's not as wobbly so I'm not following him every second, but on the flip side, he's more confident in himself and is ready to explore every nook and cranny of those baseball fields, and there's no more strapping him in his stroller. He can find a dirt pile pretty quickly! I'll keep you posted as games start after Spring Break. It should be an exciting season! I still need a baseball mom shirt.

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