Friday, March 04, 2011

What was that sound?

This is for people who have not been following this story on facebook today. I know there are a few of you out there. We have already been dealing with some wasps in our house, in our upstairs bathroom. We've decided they are living in our siding on the back side of the house. So we knew we needed to call the exterminators sometime in the next week or two. No hurry.

But then today, I went out to rake the leaves in the front yard. Yes, I do yard work, but no, I don't like it. I only did it because 3 of the 5 houses on our culdisac had their yards raked and mowed this morning, and our house now looked really bad in comparison. So J said if I raked, he would bag when he got home. So I put Campbell down for nap, put on my Ipod with a Matt Chandler sermon, and set to work.

I was making really good progress, and realizing this was a much better work out than walking, when I began to hear a buzzing sound. It got louder and louder. First I thought it was just background noise on Matt's sermon, then maybe an airplane flying over. But it sure reminded me of the sound of buzzing bees. I looked up for the airplane, only to realize that, indeed, it was a swarm of bees! A REALLY BIG swarm of bees! I ran pretty quickly into the garage and watched them. They were up pretty high and weren't coming after me necessarily, although I had made them mad obviously by my raking. I knew I hadn't raked anything that looked like a hive. They calmed down pretty quickly and I went back to work.

When J got home, I told him my story. He thought I was exaggerating I'm sure. But to humor me we walked around the big trees in our yard looking up. We saw two birds nests, and then, a HUGE bee hive. I must have hit the tree pretty hard when I was swinging that rake around and startled them? So the call to the exterminator will have to come sooner. Of course, our home owners warranty covers ants, roaches, spiders, but not bees and wasps. Cade wants us to call Billy the Exterminator, his hero, and I bet we would have made it on tv if he was closer. I mean, wasps in our backyard and a bee hive in the front. He would eat that up. So we are getting estimates, and I'll keep you posted. Here is a picture of the hive, but it doesn't do it justice.

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CDJ said...

I'll bet if Cade writes the note to Billy, he might make the commute. It's worth a try:) Surely he would at least respond. Scrap book!