Saturday, March 26, 2011

Really weird dream about heaven

I had this dream two nights ago and still remember it clearly, which doesn't happen often. Let me preface this by saying I in no way think this is really what will happen on my way to heaven.

Jason and I wake up one morning both feeling like something big is about to happen. Suddenly we hear a really loud roaring, and we know its time to go! The family walks outside and we see hundreds of airplanes flying around. Then we see a HUGE airplane, kind of like a blimp, and it lands like a helicopter. J and I head to get in the plane, leaving the kids with our neighbors. We don't say goodbye, aren't sad. We know they will join us soon. We get in line to get on the plane, get in, get buckled and it takes off and turns into a mix between a train and a roller coaster. We start going up and then it goes straight down. I was scared because it was like a fast roller coaster and I am not a roller coaster fan, not because I thought we were going to hell. The train then pulls into a small village, only one street really with a fork in it, looks like a European village with cobblestone streets. We know this isn't heaven, just a stop along the way, and we know we won't be here long. It feels like the final test for some people to make sure they are ready to go to heaven?

We get out of the train and see a souvenir shop, yes, there are souvenirs for heaven. Although in retrospect, that means you think you are going back to earth. But everyone has to walk through the shop. J and I realize its a test to see how materialistic, greedy, impatient, rude people might be. And they are! They are fighting over things, stealing things. The shop employees are actually rude to you to see how you will respond. So I grab J's hand, and start pulling him through the people. I keep saying, "I just want to see Jesus!". We get separated, so I go outside to wait for him, hoping he's coming and not getting caught up in something. I hear my name and see my Pawpaw. He doesn't look young per se, but he looks 60 instead of 90, and he is standing up straight without his cane. He says, "Hey baby girl," and opens his arms for a hug and I walk over to him, and wake up.

Yep, that's it. Usually when I wake up from weird, sharp, clear dreams, its because I'm scared. But I wasn't scared at all. I felt such peace. I wanted to go back into the dream so I could go see Jesus. Two days later its still with me. Very strange. Don't try to interpret it. I don't think I want to know. But I wanted to share, more to get it out on paper, or whatever this is.

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