Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Break

Normally we go to my mom's or J's mom's for spring break, and this year could have even gone to VA to see Steph and sweet baby Luke, but we decided to stay home. I am so tired from basketball and baseball overlapping! This house is a disaster and I need some time to chill. The thought of packing a suitcase overwhelmed me. But I do have a very long to do list for this week of projects and also have come up with some ideas of cheap, hopefully fun things for the boys to do. I thought if I shared it all with you then I would be held accountable to get the projects done, but I'm not optimistic of finishing the list.

Clean out boys winter clothes and make a list of what Coop needs (the other two just get hand me downs!) and pack up Campbell's stuff and send to my sweet Luke
Work on VBS curriculum
Finish recruiting my VBS leadership team (anyone interested?)
Clean up playroom (my least favorite thing)
Filing papers (oh wait, that's my least favorite)
Potty train Campbell
Teach Cade how to tie his shoes
Sell chocolate for the baseball team (again, anyone interested?)

Fun things:
Visit Petsmart (free zoo, we've tried the real zoo during SB before, WAY too many people)
Visit Target to look at toys (no buying)
Different parks than our local one

I think that's it. I'm not seeing it all get done. But I am going to put in my new Anne of Avonlea DVD's my brother got me for Christmas and that might help get the filing done and the VBS curriculum done. Wish us luck on the potty training. He's been going since he turned two in Aug. when you take him, but he doesn't tell us he has to go. He stays pretty dry at school because he goes when everyone else goes. So we'll see if he's really ready or not. Hopefully he'll be easier then I think. Part of me is so excited to be done with diapers, and part of me is of course sad, because I really won't have a baby anymore. Maybe that's why I've been putting it off. I'll keep you posted.

FYI on the bee hive - it's gone! Completely gone! Don't know where they went, but they moved on. Thank goodness!

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Dianna said...

WOW! That is quite a list of things to do! Have you every been to the Seabrook trails? Drive to the parking area by the gazebo on Todville Rd and walk into Pine Gully Park (it is free if you enter via the trails). It has playground equipment, sandy beaches, bathrooms, picnic tables and a nice LONG pier.